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Please note: If you are a PIONEER (meaning you attended NESR I in 2016), you get a $100 discount off these prices.

Please note: There is no longer a one-day Commuter option, as it’s become clear that immersion in the full weekend provides the best experience for everyone.

PRIVATE: $1600
Includes tuition, 11 meals, facility fees, taxes, and a private room at Guest House.
Includes tuition, 11 meals, facility fees, taxes, and a room shared with one other person at Guest House. 
Includes tuition, 11 meals, facility fees, taxes, and a room shared with two other people at Guest House. 

Includes tuition, 11 meals, facility fees, and taxes.
Commuters will enjoy the entire retreat experience, but will sleep either at home or in a local hotel.
Cancel before June 1, 2024: Full refund
Cancel after June 1, 2024: No refund


(as of December 17, 2023)

Our top priority is protecting the health of our community.


We reserve the right to adjust this policy at any time, depending on what happens with the virus, the CDC’s current guidelines, the levels of community transmission in Chester CT, etc. We are navigating the many challenges entailed in safely gathering together in person, given the new reality.


Our Covid-19 Safety Protocol is as follows:

A) NESR REQUIRES: A negative Covid test, taken on the day of arrival (August 23 or August 30). We suggest you take your test at home in the morning and bring the negative test in a Ziploc bag. We cannot admit you to the retreat without a negative test. If you test positive before arrival, email Laurie immediately at:

B) NESR REQUIRES: Notify Ellis and Laurie immediately if you develop cold-like symptoms or test positive during your stay.

C) NESR STRONGLY RECOMMENDS: Avoid large crowds and events in the two weeks before arrival. Tighten your exposure circle, so that you don’t risk getting Covid and having to cancel!

D) NESR STRONGLY RECOMMENDS: Wear a well-fitting N95 mask during any public travel to NESR. If you are flying, PLEASE wear a mask the entire time—in the terminal, on concourses, and on the plane. Airports are prime locations for virus transmission.

E) NESR RECOMMENDS: Vaccination and updated booster.

F) NESR RECOMMENDS: Wear a well-fitting N95 mask when sharing close indoor space.

Here is the Covid policy of the Guest House Retreat Center:



TO ATTEND NESR 7 (either Aug 25-29 or Sep 1-5), simply fill out the Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire (PEQ):

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