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The David Glaser Songwriting Scholarships

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Ellis’ friend David Glaser (1956-2018) was an award-winning songwriter and instrumentalist, who recorded and played live music from the 70s forward, either as a solo artist, a band member, or a sideman. David was adored by thousands and is intensely missed by his family, friends and fans. He was in love with beautiful songs, had begun teaching songwriting in schools just prior to his death, and believed deeply in the transformative power of creativity. As of 2019 this scholarship will be named, with love, in David’s honor. To learn more about David, visit Facebook.


Since 2018, NESR Scholarships have been provided thanks to generous donations from our wonderful community. At NESR 7, we were able to offer an unprecedented FOUR scholarships. At NESR 8, we are able to offer EIGHT! A full tuition scholarship is $625. But we gratefully accept any and all donations. Just click on the Donate button here, and thank you

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Scholarship recipients are identified by Ellis and Laurie in January of each year, and are invited to apply.

A scholarship to NESR covers tuition ($625) and helps to defray the cost of attending the retreat. Scholarship recipients must cover the cost of lodging (a shared room at the Guest House), food, facility fees, and taxes—which comes to about $775 total.


The David Glaser Songwriting Scholarships are made possible by several generous Donors, to whom we are extremely grateful.

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