"I can't wait for next year.  If I could bottle up the feeling post-Retreat this year and keep that going year round, I'd be doing pretty well."

-Jay Swindle (NESR III)


"NESR has given me so much reinforcement of my musical impulses, but, more importantly, has also given me the tools to better be able to create, to edit, to sing, and to perform in front of my peers and audiences. Musically–artistically–there is before NESR and after NESR. It’s that simple."

-Michael T. Lewis (NESR II & III)

"My life is changed by this weekend. By everyone, every song, every moment. I can still hardly believe it. But I do. I really do. Thanks, Ellis Paul, Laurie MacAllister, Vance Gilbert, George Wurzbach, Eben Pariser, Molly Venter (and Otis!), Abbie Gardner, Craig Akin (and Ginger!), and Tim Drake. Thanks, all of you incredible new friends and fellow songwriters I got to meet and be with all weekend. And thank you, Marianne and every single staff member of Guest House Retreat and Conference Center. Every meal was fabulous, desserts divine, rooms so comfortable, staff so friendly, and the spaces inside and out so beautiful. Can’t wait till next year."
-Randy Weeks (NESR III)